System Requirements

To install League\Csv you will need:

If you are using PHP >= 8.0, use version 9.6.2 or higher for compatibility.

Recommendation: It is recommended to use the latest stable version of the League\Csv package in combination with the latest PHP version.

Composer Install

League\Csv is available on Packagist and can be installed using Composer:

composer require league/csv:^9.0

Manual Install

You can also use League\Csv without using Composer by downloading the library on Github.

  1. Visit the releases page of the project.
  2. Find the release of League\Csv for your version of PHP.
  3. Click the Source Code link for preferred compression format.

The library is compatible with any PSR-4 compatible autoloader.

Also, League\Csv comes bundled with its own autoloader script autoload.php located in the root directory.

use League\Csv\Reader;
use League\Csv\Writer;

require '/path/to/league/csv/autoload.php';

// Your script starts here
// ...

where path/to/league/csv represents the path where the library was extracted.