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This is the documentation for the upcoming version 9.0. This is a work in progress

Charset conversion


class CharsetConverter extends php_user_filter
    const STREAM_FILTERNAME = 'convert.league.csv';

    public function __invoke(array $record): array
    public function convert(iterable $records): Iterator
    public static function getFiltername(string $input_encoding, string $output_encoding): string
    public function inputEncoding(string $input_encoding): self
    public function outputEncoding(string $output_encoding): self
    public static function registerStreamFilter(): bool

The CharsetConverter class converts your CSV records using the mbstring extension and its supported character encodings.



public CharsetConverter::inputEncoding(string $input_encoding): self
public CharsetConverter::outputEncoding(string $output_encoding): self

The inputEncoding and outputEncoding methods sets the object encoding properties. By default, the input encoding and the output encoding are set to UTF-8.

When building a CharsetConverter object, the methods do not need to be called in any particular order, and may be called multiple times. Because the CharsetConverter is immutable, each time its setter methods are called they return a new object without modifying the current one.

If the submitted charset is not supported by the mbstring extension an OutOfRangeException will be thrown.



public CharsetConverter::convert(iterable $records): Iterator

CharsetConverter::convert converts the collection of records charset encoding.


use League\Csv\CharsetConverter;

$csv = new SplFileObject('/path/to/french.csv', 'r');
$csv->setFlags(SplFileObject::READ_CSV | SplFileObject::SKIP_EMPTY);

$encoder = (new CharsetConverter())->inputEncoding('iso-8859-15');
$records = $encoder->convert($csv);

The resulting data is converted from iso-8859-15 to the default UTF-8 since outputEncoding was not called.

CharsetConverter as a Writer formatter


public CharsetConverter::__invoke(array $record): array

Using the CharsetConverter::__invoke method, you can register a CharsetConverter object as a record formatter using Writer::addFormatter method.


use League\Csv\CharsetConverter;
use League\Csv\Writer;

$encoder = (new CharsetConverter())

$writer = Writer::createFromPath('/path/to/your/csv/file.csv')

$writer->insertOne(["foo", "bébé", "jouet"]);
//all 'utf-8' caracters are now automatically encoded into 'iso-8859-15' charset

CharsetConverter as a PHP stream filter


public static CharsetConverter::registerStreamFilter(): bool
public static CharsetConverter::getFiltername(string $input_encoding, string $output_encoding): string

If your CSV object supports PHP stream filters then you can register the CharsetConverter class as a PHP stream filter and use the library stream filtering mechanism instead.

The CharsetConverter::registerStreamFilter static method registers the CharsetConverter class under the following generic filtername convert.league.csv.*.

CharsetConverter::registerStreamFilter should be called once during your script execution time. The best place to call this method is in your bootstrap or configuration files script.

Once registered you can use the CSV object’s addStreamFilter method to configure the stream filter by supplying the correct $filtername parameter.
For ease, you can use the CharsetConverter::getFiltername method.


use League\Csv\CharsetConverter;
use League\Csv\Writer;


$filtername = CharsetConverter::getFiltername('utf8', 'iso-8859-15');
echo $filtername; //display 'convert.league.csv.UTF-8/ISO-8859-15';

$writer = Writer::createFromPath('/path/to/your/csv/file.csv')

$writer->insertOne(["foo", "bébé", "jouet"]);
//all 'utf-8' caracters are now automatically encoded into 'iso-8859-15' charset

If your system supports the iconv extension you should use PHP's built in iconv stream filters instead for better performance.